Not quite biblical in proportion

With early Spring comes abundant rainfall, and we are certainly getting our share of it this week: a couple of inches of rain fell on Sunday and we are expecting 2 more inches of rain tomorrow.  We’re under an area flood watch (thankfully not a problem at my house).

12 responses to “Not quite biblical in proportion

  1. The snow is all gone already? I guess then things will be greening pretty soon. A little over a week to go, then spring starts for you! I love to see the fresh greens in pictures.

  2. We’re expecting pretty much the same for the next couple of days. Dreary but at least it’s not snow.

  3. Lots of rain means that lots of blooming and that means lots of sneezing. haha

  4. I wish our snow was gone! It’s here and there and not looking much like snow at all…more like big piles of dirt LOL!

  5. I hope you stay high and dry.

  6. My heart clenched at this picture.

  7. Wow! No snow and green showing and buds budding! It’s going to be at least a month before that happens here 😦

  8. The other day, after 9 days of rain, I suggested to Amoeba that we might want to consider building an Ark. He told me nice try, but I am still not geting any house pets. Pft.

  9. Oh, the joys of spring!

  10. Roll on Summer, eh?

  11. the rain last night was CRAZY!! tornado watches and everything! eesh.

  12. stay warm and dry, winter’s not quite over yet.