Hope springs forth again —
in form of opening buds,
green pokes through soil

10 responses to “Hope

  1. Fabulous pictures! You lucky thing… snow is forecast for tomorrow!

  2. Great pictures!

  3. Send some of that North will you? Lovely to see things greening up though.

  4. My Daffodils are about to bloom! I love watching the buds get fatter and fatter!

  5. …and we’ll be getting more snow tomorrow!

  6. Spring is . . . springing!

  7. I saw your header photo and I swear it looks just like my little birdbath / hosta plant garden outside my office window. I just noticed the green shoots today. Spring is sprung.

  8. Oh pretty stuffy happening there. We had a mild day today.. cooling some again tomorrow. It’s going to take its time.. but it’s on its way.

  9. I need to get out and look around! I haven’t seen ANY buds or any shoots yet!