Friday 5: A penny for your thoughts

It’s high time for a Friday Five, so those pennies will add up to a nickel today.

1. My BFF flew in for a visit last night. I’m excited to be able to share a few of my favorite things with her this weekend!

2. I very much want her to make future visits, so I personally cleaned the hall bathroom (a.k.a., the boys’ bathroom) instead of just sending the boys to do it.

3. Boys don’t notice dirt and mess, nor do they seem to appreciate clean.  What’s up with that? (I’m talking about grime, not just clutter.)

4. Decluttering is such a hard thing for me to do. Once I let the clutter in, it mixes with important things and I have trouble sorting it all out, especially when it comes to papers and paperwork.  But even beyond things easily recycled, I have to keep reminding myself:  Just because it is useful or pretty doesn’t mean I should keep it.

5. My mom had cancer surgery on Tuesday. I’ll be flying out there next week to be her caregiver until the end of the month.

10 responses to “Friday 5: A penny for your thoughts

  1. I’m glad you get to have some fun with your friend…and my positive thoughts are going out to your Mom (((hugs)))

  2. How nice that your friend is there to visit. I am praying for your mom right now. I am thankful that you get to go be her caregiver. Safe travels to you. I’ve missed visiting you here. Enjoy your time with your friend. XX

  3. If you want the bathroom clean, sending boys to do it probably isn’t gonna work out to well. haha

  4. I know what you mean about the clutter! Something I have to work on myself. I am glad you had a visit with your BFF. I am sorry to hear about your mom, I wish her a speedy recovery.

  5. Hugs to you and your Mom – I’ve been there, both as patient and caregiver.
    Enjoy every minute of BFF:s visit.
    Boys become better at cleaning once they plan on taking home a girlfriend for a visit…
    Oh, and I’ll be borrowing the Friday Five – again!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve it.

    If I was your next-door neighbor I would help you with the clutter. I am the anti-clutter queen.

    I hope it all goes well with your mom.

  7. I hear you about the clutter. So sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she’ll recover well – under your fine care, I’m sure she will.

    Have a great time with your friend this weekend!

  8. Still praying for your mom.

    I just Spring cleaned my kitchen living room, bedroom and bathrooms. I still have my office to do. Amoeba can clean his own. I have the laundry room half done (stuff in boxes that have never been unpacked are about to see the light of day, then probably the thrift store or garbage can).

  9. So sorry to hear about your mum. Hope the surgery is successful… Hugs to you and her.

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