SederAfter a week of ups and downs, where joyous shouts are followed by thoughtful ceremony, where meaning is found in simple, everyday items — parsley, salt water, wine, and egg…

A week that takes us through our own understanding of things like freedom and faith and sacrifice…

A week that culminates (for me) in a glorious morning that cannot be hidden by rain and clouds, as sadness and darkness turns to joy and light:


A morning like any other and yet like no other morning before or since…

New Life springs forth and glory is revealed!


8 responses to “Today

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. God bless!

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours! Lovely bleeding hearts and the sunrise is stunning! Cute chicks 😉

  3. Happy Easter to you Karen! I hope you are enjoying this blessed Sunday!

  4. Happy Easter!

  5. A belated happy easter to you Karen.

  6. Happy Easter 🙂 It was for us, in many ways.

  7. He is risen and by his stripes we are saved!

    I hope you did, indeed, have a blessed and happy Easter.