Ready, waiting, hoping…

10 responses to “Plea(se)

  1. …for someone interested in buying your house?

  2. looks like a lovely home and that swing is so inviting. Thank you for your lovely message on my blog.

  3. Selling the house or waiting for that beautiful landscape to appear? I think the former if I remember. I am hoping with you. It’s beautiful. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I’d buy it if I you could move it here.

  5. What gorgeous flowers! So inviting! I’d love to sit on your porch with you and enjoy the view.

  6. Oh no! You have to leave the swing behind? I am sure that your house will sell, those flowers and beds look just beautiful.

  7. fingers crossed!!!

  8. Looks lovely.. good luck!

  9. Looks lovely to me! Sending prayers for just the right buyer so the sell could bless you and the house could bless them.