Thankful Thursday: photo o[o]ps

As I watched a bit of the royal wedding last Friday (thank you, PBS and BBC America for helping me avoid the talking heads spewing blather) I was struck by the photographic opportunities I missed 15 years ago when we spent 3 days in London.  At least, I’m pretty sure I missed them — the photo albums are already packed in boxes for our move this summer.  I had scanned the Mannheim Wasserturm photo in yesterday’s post prior to packing the albums, but I can’t recall taking a lot of architectural photographs during that era. And that’s a pity, because were so many lovely old buildings I saw while living and traveling in Europe.

My camera and I were a bit preoccupied. Instead of buildings, I was busy photographing sights like this:

I’m sorry to not have amazing architectual photographs (or at least mediocre photographs of amazing architecture) in my scrapbooks, but I’m incredibly thankful to have captured moments like the one above.

7 responses to “Thankful Thursday: photo o[o]ps

  1. it’s what is most important to us that we choose to photograph 🙂

  2. Which son is that? Very adorable.

    • Thanks! That’s my 3rd-born, Humorous-Juniorous, in a photo taken not long after our brief trip to London. He’s now a high school freshman.

  3. You made the right choices back then. HJ will never be that age again, but the architecture of London and other places will still be there when you do your European Tour in a few years…

  4. Much better picture than boring architecture!! 🙂

  5. Like Mary, you choose the better part! 😉