The Birds

This is the water tower that we see from our elementary school parking lot: (taken on a beautiful June day)

And this was the scene worthy of Alfred Hitchcock at that same water tower a few months ago…  I dare you to click on the picture to enlarge it!

The turkey vultures have returned

10 responses to “The Birds

  1. After I clicked the picture I saw them. I´d say they have made themselves homey. 🙂

  2. Oh not that is just disgusting! I would have to move.

    • Not a country gal, are you? 😉
      Luckily, I don’t live anywhere near this water tower!

      Turkey vultures help take care of the roadkill around here.
      However, I do admit I don’t want them roosting in my backyard.

  3. LOL @ Knight! One of my favourite movies. Great photo!

  4. wow that’s a LOT of turkey vultures!!! And I love that water tower…it looks like it’s wearing a crown 🙂

  5. It is always creepy when all those birds are together like that.

  6. Yikes! They look like they are conspiring

  7. Wow.. and I thought the cluster of 7 I saw last year was amazing. Very cool!

  8. So, from all the above, I take it that turkey are not nice?

    • friko, they are very helpful if you have a lot of dead animals that need to be taken care of — but if you have seen the Hitchcock movie “The Birds” you might be a little worried!