Mothers’ Day

We took the boys out for ice cream on Saturday evening and this sign was in the local ice cream shop.

I was going to post a picture of my mother and me, taken about 7 years ago at Christmas time… but I can’t find the picture in my computer files or on a CD, and the scrapbooks are already packed so I won’t be able to scan it into the computer.

I didn’t get a new picture taken of the 2 of us when I was there in March.  I didn’t have my camera along and she wasn’t the picture of good health; unfortunately, she’s even less than the picture of good health now.  She continues to lose weight, and I’m sure the cancer continues to spread.  I’m also sure that this was her last Mother’s Day, which made me feel guilty for not being there, or for even enjoying the day with my family.
Despite medication (which she doesn’t like taking), pain continues to be a problem. I’m hoping for some relief for her in the form of certain meds that are legal in her home state.

If you know me on facebook, you will understand why I did not participate in the “post a picture of your mother” event. I simply didn’t have the heart to do it this year.  However, I didn’t have a pity party, nor did I want one.  I spent 20 minutes chatting with a few neighbors in the sunshine; half of us still had mothers to call on the telephone. That puts me in the lucky category.

Please tell me how you celebrated Mothers’ Day.

7 responses to “Mothers’ Day

  1. Love the sign from the Ice Cream Shop. I am glad to hear your mom is considering the other medication, I hope it helps. Not being a mom and mine being gone for 18 years, I didn’t do anything much. I sewed though and could hear mom laughing at me and telling me how to do it correctly 😉 After all, it is her machine.

  2. My son called to say Happy Mother’s Day. Then a long walk, trying to ignore the cold winds from the mountains, concentrating on the sun that was actually warming…

  3. I´m so sorry your mom is suffering. That must be hard to be so far away and not be there for her. I hope she has other help.
    Your mother´s day outing with the boys sounded fun.

  4. Mother’s Day can be hard–my mother died on May 1, so that connection is always strong for me. I wish you peace.

  5. So, why aren’t you my friend on Facebook?

    You and your mother are still in my prayers.

  6. Dave bought some flowers for my Mom and so we went to her grave and planted them 🙂 I’m not a Mom, but we had a nice lunch, nonetheless. Happy Belated Mother’s Day 🙂 Are you back on FB?