Muffed Target: treed

There was an explosion of pink in my neighborhood.

Pink Dogwoods, that is…

Unfortunately, by the time I discovered how badly out-of-focus these 2 pictures were, the sun had set — and now the blooms are mostly gone.  Ah, well.

Thom has given us the opportunity to share our fuzzy photos via his meme, MUFFED TARGET.

Whether it was a moving target (I plead blowing winds), a shaky hand at the camera, or a subject “oops” — I know you must have something to share!  😀
Head on over to Thom’s place today to play along!

And at least I managed a good close-up shot!

7 responses to “Muffed Target: treed

  1. Oh how I adore dogwoods – glad you got an in focus photo for me!

  2. Pink Dogwood! I have never seen that before. Dogwood is the flower emblem of BC, so it´s a dear reminder to me. Love the close up!

  3. How absolutely beautiful…since we are not blooming a whole lot here I so enjoyed these beautiful flowers. I hope all is well with you and yours. Will your son be back home for the summer? Thank you for continuing to offer me encouragement and friendship over these months of me not being an active blogger. My heart is still here though. 🙂 Love and hugs…XX

  4. still pretty! I took a shot of a dandelion wisp and everything around it was in focus 🙂 It was still pretty LOL!

  5. Lovely, even blurry 😉 Great close up.

  6. I love Dogwood blossoms — even blurry ones!

    I didn’t do muffed target because Thom is missing. I hope he comes back because I have a great one!