Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

The A to Z of me

I saw this at my friend Betty’s blog and thought it would be fun to share with you.

Age – 45 and counting….

Bed size –Queen

Chore you hate – Cleaning the boys’ bathroom

Dogs –none yet, but there is one in my future

Essential start of your day – waking up!

Favorite color – blue

Gold or silver – Usually silver.

Height –5’10″

Instruments I play (or have played) – piano (years of lessons as a child but it’s hard to tell now), flute (5th – 10th grade), guitar, handbells

Job title – homemaker

Kids – four boys, ages 20, 18, 15, and almost 12.

Live – in Northern Virginia for just a few more months

Mom’s name – Mom (I’m giving her the privacy she deserves)

Nickname – I have several but KC is the one I use here.

Overnight hospital stays – birthing babies and then there was that hysterectomy…

Pet peeve – too many! These days, it’s boys who track dirt/mud into the house or make a mess in the bathroom (our house is on the market)

Quote from a movie – “Life isn’t fair” (Scar, from The Lion King)

Right or left-handed – right

Siblings – I´m the 3rd of 4. My sister is the oldest, then a brother on either side of me.

Time you wake up – 5:45 a.m. on workdays

Underwear –  YES! Cotton.

Vegetable you dislike – Beets: I know they are beautiful but I just cannot eat them… or even bear to smell them.

What makes you run late – my own ineptitude and failure to understand how much time it actually takes to accomplish things

X-rays you have had done – teeth (at dentist),wrist, and knees

Yummy food you make – homemade brownies

Zoo animal – Panda