Thankful Thursday: A different kind of A-to-Z

SnakeMaster presented me with a ribbon-tied scroll on Mother’s Day. I unrolled it and read, to my surprise, a very different kind of A-to-Z list than I posted yesterday. Here is my youngest son’s own A-to-Z:

Adaptable, come camping with me

Bland, don’t expect anything fancy of me

Careful, come rock-climbing with me

Dynamic, come swim with me

Economical, save money with me

Focused, pay attention with me

Generous, give away things with me

Healthy, don’t get sick with me

Inventive, make new things with me

Just, don’t break the law with me

Kind, don’t be mean with me

Loyal, don’t lie with me

Meek, be polite with me

Naturalist, don’t harm nature with me

Optimistic, think happily about the future with me

Peaceful, don’t fight with me

Quiet, don’t yell with me

Resourceful, don’t waste with me

Sensible, don’t go crazy with me

Thorough, don’t miss things with me

Unique, don’t laugh at me

Valuable, don’t harm me

Watchful, be alert with me

Xtra special, respect me

Young, have patience with me

Zest, be enthusiastic with me

6 responses to “Thankful Thursday: A different kind of A-to-Z

  1. My two favorites:

    Inventive (he sure is!)

    Unique, don’t laugh at me (I’m the same!)

  2. Love it! He is so original. And funny too. 🙂

  3. Wow -how original and so very wise too.

  4. What a creative kid. That’s a Mother’s Day gift to be cherished.

  5. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    I love “bland” as a compliment! This was so sweet.

  6. What a great present. I love gifts from the heart like this.