May 18, 1980.  8:32 am in the southwest region of Washington State.

It’s been 31 years since the the old lady blew her top.

Her eruption was a real pain in the ash for those directly affected. You can see more photographs and read a good article from last year here.

Me at Mount St. Helens in 2005

10 responses to “31

  1. Do you remember hearing it when it blew? I was at my parents house and it sounded like someone threw a basketball against our garage door a couple of times. I acutally looked down onto the driveway to see if someone was out there! And how far did we live from the mountain – 3 hours drive or so? I’ll never forget that sound!

  2. I remember it well. We were living in Vancouver and it was on the news for so long. Imprinted images in my brain.

  3. Real pain in the ash, ;-P Great pun!

  4. Like I said on FB, I had no idea about this event. I’m sure it was on the national news, but I was 4 and it clearly didn’t register to me. The photos are pretty amazing.

  5. I remember it well. It seems to me that our cloud coverage days later was due to ash in atmosphere.. way up in Montreal.

  6. Wow! You made me smile as I read this…these are some great captures of it. I hope you and yours are doing well. XX

  7. Oh WOW! Amazing shots!

  8. Great link – it brings back lots of memories. I lived in Portland at the time and could not believe the devastation.

  9. I was at a bbq. We saw the wall of black coming toward us and stared in awe. It looked like something out of a scifi movie!

  10. I remember waking up the morning it blew and looking out at the sky, seeing that huge cauliflower-like plume. There was ash falling everywhere.