Thankful Thursday: Perspective

We continue the slow process of selling our house. A decent non-contingent offer has come in — it’s not perfect, but we will negotiate and hope for the best.

After an hour or more of tossing and turning on Tuesday night, I finally got up to check e-mail (teenagers use the computer all afternoon and evening around here) and then facebook… where I stumbled upon the news that a friend’s home took a direct hit from the tornado in Oklahoma that day. The family is safe, but the house is destroyed and 2 out of 3 horses had to be put down due to injuries sustained in the tornado.

It sort of made my own house worries seem paltry.

Anything happen lately to put your life in perspective?

7 responses to “Thankful Thursday: Perspective

  1. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to hear about your friends’ home and the horses. This is terribly sad.

    I’m not sure that anything in particular has happened lately, but life does seem to be in such stark perspective most of the time. I have rose-colored glasses on most of the time, just to keep myself sane, but still… *sigh*


  2. I went back and read a bunch of posts I wrote when my dad was sick, and again after he died. The process made me feel lucky for having had him.

  3. Last week a woman was murdered not far from where we live. She had went home during her lunch hour to let the dogs out like she does every other work day and apparently walked into her home being robbed and they killed her. Her high school son came home and found her. We feel so safe here in our rural communities and think that things like this cannot happen. It gives my perspective of it doesn’t happen here to that of knowing that it can and to take precautions. It also reminds me to embrace all the people in my life. The recent tornado’s have given me a better perspective also…my “stuff” is small in comparrison. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful. XX

  4. Oh my, so sorry to hear this… Everything happening in the news is enough to put my life in perspective.

  5. Thank goodness the family is okay. Material things can always be replaced. Glad you have an offer. Regardless of what happens elsewhere it’s still a big deal for you. There’s no escaping that. We all go through guilt when we get news like this. Human nature but then we realize yeah my worries might not have happened like yours did but in their own way they are just as important for different reasons.

  6. oh, those poor horses 😦

  7. I hope the offer for the house works out. I am sorry to hear about your friends house and horses, but glad they themselves are okay.