Friday 5: Only 2 at a time allowed

I’ve discovered something about myself: I can only handle 2 crises at once (and of course I’d prefer only one crisis — or none at all — but life doesn’t seem to work that way).

Here, in current order, are the 5 crises I am juggling for those top 2 spots:

1. My mother’s cancer and continual decline despite her denial (definitely the top stressor this week)

2. Selling our house (trying to be top stressor but being trumped by Mom’s cancer)

3.   The logistics of moving (When? Where? How?)

4. The arrival of 4 more adults next weekend– bringing our household up to a count of NINE — for 2 weeks of graduation festivities and moving mayhem.

5.  The graduating senior who must be prepared for college (he will probably be fine, but his mother isn’t prepared to send him off)

15 responses to “Friday 5: Only 2 at a time allowed

  1. That sounds like 5 crisis to me. I will be thinking of you Karen. You´ve got a lot on your “plate”.

  2. Oh, goodness. You have more than any one person should have to deal with at any one time. I hope that in each moment of your day(s), that you don’t feel overwhelmed and can focus on individual items rather than all of it at once.

    I’m so sorry about all of this with your mum. It’s not hard to figure out the top priority. *hugs* I hope that you can have some smiles this weekend.

  3. I say you just take one day at a time….easier said than done Bonnie Franklin LOL BUt really that’s the way I would handle ut. Mom’s worry all the time. I don’t get it but it sure does make the kids feel good – well most times LOL all will fall in place. You just wait and see. 🙂

  4. Wow, you have a full plate.
    You can put off 5 for a couple days or a week. Make all the visiting adults help with the moving. Let the realtors do their jobs – don’t try to hold onto the house.

    And focus on #1. It’s your only chance to be with her, now Bless you.

  5. What Aunt Snow said about your Mom 🙂 Hugs and positive thoughts to you.

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  7. KC, I know you are strong enough to handle all of this, just remember to delegate as much as you can. Aunt Snow has the right idea, concentrate on your mom and everything else will fall into place. We are here for moral support if you need us.

  8. And listen to that new Rod Stewart CD that came to your mailbox yesterday (wink, grin) to unwind a bit. ENJOY!

  9. Apparently in Greek the word ‘crisis’ means change. And that fits with several of your dilemmas. Good luck!

  10. Oh I am with Aunt Snow as well.

    And take good care of yourself in all of this –

  11. I feel for you–that’s too much at one time. I know you’ll make it, though–just be sure to take care of yourself and take some deep breaths.

  12. i know its a lot, but i know you will be just fine…remember to breathe…

  13. Yes, that particular set of circumstances would definitely have me hiding in my bedroom closet, preferably with a nice box of chocolates and some comfort knitting. La, la, la, maybe it will all go away if I ignore it…

  14. I have three #1 rules. Why can’t you have five #1 crises?

  15. You certainly have five too many. Aunt Snow’s advice is top-notch. Follow that, take two hugs and reassess each morning. You’re a strong woman. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get through it..

    Here are those hugs… I wish I could deliver themin person.