Muffed Target: Parade Route

When taking pictures on the parade route, it’s best to hold still instead of trotting along behind the hay wagon float!

Thom has given us the opportunity to share our fuzzy photos via his meme, MUFFED TARGET.

Whether it was a moving target (or a moving photographer!), a shaky hand at the camera, or a subject “oops” — I know you must have something to share!  :D
Head on over to Thom’s place today to play along!

6 responses to “Muffed Target: Parade Route

  1. LOL I have got such a picture in my mind about this. Love it. The parade looks like it was fun I must say. What a work out going up and down those little hills 🙂
    Mahalo for playing my friend. Much appreciated.

  2. I call mine “miracles of bad photography.”

  3. I really like the perspective in that parade photo. It turned out really cool.

    I have become almost completely dependent upon my tripod. I tremble a bit and my photos are blurry otherwise. I was just thinking that a tripod on wheels would be awesome for walking and shooting pics!

  4. That is quite a good composition – and it is only a bit blurry 😉

  5. Hmm…muffed target, indeed. I’ve taken loads of those, but I tend to delete them rather quickly…

  6. That photo looks more like it was taken by someone who’d fallen off the wagon … 😉