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It wasn’t that long ago that we were watching this together:

Happy 20th birthday, MusicMan!

I’m proud of you, and I’m glad you are bringing The Girl with the Magic Hair to spend the summer with us.


Just a dusting

1. EB, my 18yo son, left these footprints on his way to the school bus this morning.
2. Can you tell which one is a shoe print?

3. I have things on my mind that I can’t write about at the moment. This is where a blog fails as an online journal, but it is important to respect others’ rights to privacy.

4. It was wonderful to have all of my boys at home for a few weeks (and SuperDad took some time off from work, too).

[click on pics to embiggen]

5. I’m pretty sure MM was more than ready to go back to college!

A Fond Farewell

Christmas break is over for MusicMan — he gets on a plane this afternoon to head back to college. Classes don’t actually start until Monday, but I felt obligated to build in a few extra days of travel time into the schedule “just in case” the weather became a factor in getting him back to school.

Here is our group of musical college students playing “We Three Kings” on handbells. One young woman is in her last year of college, 2 of the other young women are college sophomores, and the remaining 4 ringers  (including MM who forgot to wear white, so he’s the one in blue!) are first-year college students. This group practiced one evening (the Tuesday prior to Christmas) and once again Sunday morning before performing at 11am.  As the director says at the beginning of the video, the music being played was written for 11 ringers but is being played by a choir of seven.

Pretty good, aren’t they?  🙂

And on that note…

We spent Thursday evening watching old Batman movies. Wow, I had a kitschy childhood! I never realized how Crayola-bright Robin’s outfit was, but mostly my boys thought we were nuts for thinking it was such an awesome show way back when. They’re pretty sure 1966 was a really really long time ago.

Here are 5 for your Friday, the last of 2010:

1) Have you seen Melli’s new grandson? He’s absolutely beautiful and wonderfully loved by an incredible extended family. If you need a shot of cute or “awwwww” these pictures will make your day.  (There’s an incredible backstory of God’s Grace, too, but I’m going for “awwwww” today.)

2) Humorous-Juniorous, my 15yo son, has asked me to forward all of the College Board SAT prep questions to him (they’ve been arriving in my e-mail inbox for months). He’s apparently enjoying the chance to answer the daily questions and finding them to be correct. Someone get this kid a scholarship!

3) Speaking of scholars and proud families, MusicMan made the President’s Honor Roll at his college for the first semester (complete with an impressive GPA of 3.86). This isn’t a “mommy blog” but I can’t NOT brag about how proud I am of him!

4) Aside from the overwhelming amount of testosterone running amuck in my house this week, it has been soooo nice to have everyone home and together. I’m trying to savor it, because when MM flies back to school next week, we won’t see him for 4-5 months.

5) For the first part of the sentence on #4, I will be getting a ton of spam… and not the kind you can fry up in a camping fry pan.


Do you have any plans for the evening/weekend? And are your plans as exciting as old Batman movies? 😛


1. Last Friday night was Humorous-Juniorous’ birthday party. It was the first time we had met most of his friends from school (H-J is a bit of an introvert). It was a successful geekfest. Who else would talk about math and wish for a video game called Orchestra Hero? (Admittedly, that WOULD be very cool!) They partied with DDR, snacks, Mario Kart racing, snacks, stick fighting outside in the dark, S’Mores at the firepit, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, cake and ice cream. And did I mention snacks?
If you needed party ideas for a 15yo boy, you’re welcome! 😉

2. We live between 2 towns; the smaller one has a population of 600, the larger town is ten times that size. The town with the traffic lights (FOUR!) had its annual Christmas parade last Saturday. More photos here and here

3. SnakeMaster would gladly own a horse.

4. This is what the dining room credenza looked like on Monday. Procrastinator, who??

5. MusicMan, my college son, is flying home today. We haven’t seen him for over 4 months, so I’m sure you will understand if I’m absent much of the next few weeks.

Letting go and growing up

Feeling sad that MM isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving.
Feeling glad that he is spending Thanksgiving with extended family.

The things that don’t kill you give you character.

Sanity? I’ll rally for that!

A look ahead and a look back (because it is taking all kinds of craziness to put together a post today)…

1. I’m headed into The City tomorrow for a chance to take pictures and step out of my comfort zone.  My 19yo son thinks we are crazy (“you’ve never talked politics”  “DAD is going?!?”). While it’s true that neither parent is politically oriented,  the poor boy didn’t think his dad had ever been to a concert (he has) and wondered why the man would go and put himself in a big crowd of people.  MusicMan’s image of his parents has been shattered.
At least the 14yo approves of our “Indecision 2010” activity!

2. At 9:30pm last night, I was helping SnakeMaster sew and use a glue gun.  After all, isn’t that what you are supposed to do with green tomatoes, sticks, and cucumbers? This is the result:

Bill the Lizard

That stuffed cloth thing on the end? It’s his tail. Be nice. I didn’t design it, I just followed my instructions given by a 5th grader.

3. Today, SnakeMaster is wearing his father’s old military uniform for the elementary school parade.

4. This is what he wore for Scouts on Wednesday night. He designed the cape from old, worn-out jeans and the sword is his own creation as well:

5. This is our peak weekend for color, although the wind has already blown some of the leaves off the trees.

Enjoy your weekend!

I ♥ Marching Band

Cougar stadium

This –> wishes she could be there this weekend… and not just because they are performing a medley of the best of Boston.

Friday 5: the college edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bird has flown the nest.

1. MusicMan has headed off to college… on the other side of the country.

2. The Onion has  tips on how to keep in touch.

3. Lucky for him, I do have a life, which means I don’t have time for stalking him.  (But go ahead and click the link above, it is classic Onion.)

4. Four minus one really does equal three.

5. There’s an empty spot at our dinner table. 😦

Friday 5: medical, vacation

1. Health status for each of my parents is looking up right now, although I continue to jump when the phone rings — especially if I see that a family member is doing the calling.

2. Dad moved from the official rehab center to the health unit at his retirement center, which will be much easier on his wife. It was exhausting for her to manage visits several times a week; now she won’t have to drive to see him.  The goal is to regain enough strength to move back into their apartment, but I have some doubts about that ever happening.

3.  Mom hopes to leave her rehab center on Saturday. I think she is a little bit worried about tripping over the cat (who of course misses her) but she is making daily progress and is finally allowed to exercise her knee.  It’s been 18 days since she had her TKR surgery, but the pulmonary embolism situation caused quite the setback 2 weeks ago.

4. MusicMan has been off at a conference this week in PA and is having a fabulous time (“best week ever!”)… despite the ruptured ear drum and the 4 stitches above his eye.  He now knows it’s not a grand idea to sit on the bottom of a deep pool; he also knows why soccer players don’t wear sunglasses.

5. We’re taking a wee family vacation, which means I will be “unplugged” for a while.  Upon return, I’ll be busily getting MM ready for college while transporting H-J to and from band camp. EB is already busy with pre-season Cross Country and will be hitting full stride in August as well.