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Band of Brothers


I reminded SnakeMaster this afternoon that he needs extra practice with his multiplication facts. After 25 minutes he reported back to me that he had indeed been practicing. He had looked through his flash cards on his own for 15 minutes, and then his oldest brother had quizzed him for 10 minutes.  MusicMan would ask him a multiplication problem and SnakeMaster would answer; if he got it wrong, MM would snap a rubber band at him.  SM reported only getting 2 rubber bands shot at him in 10 minutes.

I think they’re on to something…


full tummies and a full house

Things are looking up: once I convinced H-J that drinking milk was taboo , he stopped puking, although he’s still on the BRAT diet. Those of us who have stayed healthy are living dangerously tonight: chicken chili for supper! (It’s spicier than I recalled it being…)

Mount Vernon, December 2007

Mount Vernon, December 2007 (the almost-twins are bookending the group)

Last year at this time, all of these folks were together — in 24 hours, we should be joining up again. My almost-twin brother & his family are making the trek from Wisconsin to brighten our holidays. 🙂 They are so easy to get along with, so we have a fantastic time together. (It doesn’t hurt that my brother brings a cooler of beer!)

I’ve got 5 sticks of butter warming up on the counter. I need to replenish the supply of cookies before our household swells to eleven! Right now, there is Christstollen in the oven and SuperDad brewed up a pot of chocolate-flavored coffee a little while ago. If this was a scratch-n-sniff blog, you would be going crazy with the wonderful smells.

Happy 2nd Christmas Day! (if you are of German ancestry)
Happy Boxing Day! (for my Canadian friends)


September 1992
What a sweet baby brother you were!

What a sweet baby brother you were!


September 2008

One of the rare times you need your older brother to help you with your homework

One of the rare times you need your older brother to help you with your homework



EB at 9 weeks

EB at 9 weeks

 Encyclopedia Blue,

You are my second-born.  The smallest of your brothers at birth, you are now nearly 6′ tall.  You’ve always been tenacious, eating even when doing so gave you an upset stomach and rashes on your cheeks.  I’m sorry it took us so long to figure out your food allergies.    We persevered together, you and I. 

You grew quickly.  You wanted to do everything your big brother could do.  And you didn’t even mind wearing the same outfits. 

Nicht Zwillinge (not twins)

Nicht Zwillinge (not twins)


contemplative EB

contemplative EB


You are smart and you think deep thoughts. 
Many are amazed at your intelligence. 

And yet you do not think of yourself more highly than others. 

The cat prefers to sleep with you

The cat prefers to sleep with you

You love animals and you care about the environment.  

You are an introvert like your father.   

You are a voracious reader.  I am more likely to find you with a book in your hand than to find you playing a video game. 

And you’ve always loved being in the water…

…Even when you were little.

EB as a minature Burl Ives

EB as a minature Burl Ives


Happy 16th Birthday! 

You make September 11th a happy day in our home.