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Thankful Thursday Thirteen


Shanghai juicy dumplings

Pea leaves

Shanghai lo-mein

Absolutely Fabulous

Start with Champagne…

Then do some stretching exercises…

And get ready for a ladies’ night out!

I wear sensible old lady shoes so I kept mine out of this particular shot.


c-c-c-C-O-L-D !!

Waiting for the show to begin…

Mamma Mia! was absolutely FABULOUS.

Busy week Friday 5

As suggested by the title, here are 5 Fabulous things about the past week of my life:

1. The 4th Annual Girls Gone Mild weekend: 3 nights, 2 friends, 1 bottle of wine (okay, maybe there was more than one bottle…) And yes, it did rain quite a bit. The tradition continues!

2. Wyder’s Raspberry Cider (it’s even better on a hot summer day)

3. The view from the plane somewhere over Nevada (??)

Sometimes I forget how much I miss snow-capped mountains. Silly me.

4. The result of yesterday’s traffic court appearance for MM: a guilty plea to a lessened charge of “improper driving” and a fine of $125 (plus court costs, for a total of $186).  He knows well the meaning of mercy. And thankfulness.

PDQ Bach and MusicMan

5. Last night’s band concert. It was MusicMan’s final concert as a high school student. Here he is, looking fabulous in his tuxedo and posing with PDQ Bach after the concert.  –>

I have a video of the two of them presenting a PDQ Bach composition, but the video is 15 minutes in length and I couldn’t upload it here… which is unfortunate, because like all PDQ Bach pieces, it was a riot! 😀

Thematic Glass

Here is a little peek at my Girls Gone Mild weekend:

Cranberry wine

As beautiful as this front door is, the view out the back window was even better!

I’m sharing these as my entry in Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic. He is kindly giving us 2 weeks to post pictures of glass.  Feel free to play along! 🙂

Working for the Weekend

petting Bella

While the boy and I were petting baby Bella on Saturday, SuperDad was shaking the hand of the Crown Prince of Belgium.

(I’m guessing his hands were cleaner than ours.)

Yep, some people know how to party!

My weekend starts now. I’m on my way to the 4th annual “Girls Gone Mild” get-together — just 3 old friends hanging out, gabbing, listening to 80’s music, eating deliciously healthy food made by KCINNOTX, and possibly experiencing the other part of our tradition: rain.

I’m back!


That’s “Back to Blogging” for those who can’t read my mind (can anyone read my mind?) — as opposed to K2A which is my annual Girls Gone Mild weekend. But that event is still 6 weeks away.

This photo collage (click on it to enlarge) is from the family Easter egg hunt yesterday — it was easier to go through 90 pictures of Easter (half of them taken at church) than the 314 pictures I uploaded on Saturday.

Yes, I’m still working on pictures from our trip last week.  Some of the fuzzy-focus pics still need to be weeded outyou try taking pictures from a bobbing boat! — and for some reason the whole lot didn’t load onto the computer in proper order which is making the sorting more complicated.

Thanks to Spring Break, I’m terribly behind in reading blogs. I try to actually visit each blog and read posts there, but if I’m going to catch up and not just jump in where I find you, I might be using a feed reader. As a committed commenter, it’s going to be difficult to just read and run, but I may have to resort to that tactic. I’ve also been off facebook for about 7 weeks or more, but I probably won’t even try to catch up there for a while.
The bunny told me it’s okay to use the slow approach — or maybe it was the turtle who said that?

WWC#34: (1,2,) Three….Fire!

My mind isn’t as focused on WWC as it should be this week.  I’m thinking about the upcoming weekend, when 2 friends from high school days (a long, long time ago) are flying in for a girls weekend.  WOOT!! 
Yes, for Mother’s Day weekend, I am running away from my husband and children having a break from on-call motherhood.  It is an honor to be chosen to host this year’s “Girls Gone Mild” weekend.  Current plans include each of us getting a massage/facial, hiking, and wine-tasting.  Because we intend to have a totally relaxing weekend, we decided this should be our mascot
 (photo courtesy of google images)

But enough about that!  You’re here for Tuesday’s Weekly Words Challenge brought to us all by Tink at Pickled Beef. 

I had been hinting that I’d like a FIRE pit, but SuperDad wanted to be able to play horseshoes.  Since he was the one putting himself and the 2 oldest boys to work on our sunny Sunday afternoon, you can see that…
Our new horseshoe pit has one, two, THREE sides:

After I took the above picture, I wandered over to the garden. 
I found one of the few foods deer will not eat:

a FIERY red pepper!!    (SuperDad likes them, so he must have missed this one last fall.)

Tune in next week when the WWC will include the words SEVEN and EARTH