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Hope springs forth again —
in form of opening buds,
green pokes through soil

True warmth

I offer you tea
A listening ear, eyes, hands
True warmth from the heart

Full hearts

Whatever the cause
Whatever the weather
Whatever life brings
We’re in this together!

hearts together
* image taken on my back porch one year ago

Happy Valentines Day ♥

not captured by my camera

The wind lifts the snow
like glittering fairy dust
swirling around me

Bright November

leaves become bright gold
camouflage for school buses
for one week only

Fleeting beauty

Yesterday’s rain and last night’s storm have stripped many trees and scattered many leaves. I took this photo on Monday afternoon, before the rains began.
click on photo to embiggen

oh Golden Autumn!
your beauty is forever
captured in my heart

Come walk with me

come walk with me

Come walk with me
on the narrow path
because  it matters
how you step, and where
And sometimes
we each find a need
for a helping hand
or a leg up
on life’s journey

Saturday dream

to follow the road

I want to take the time
to follow that road
to see what is over the hill
or around the next bend

autumn vinette

And as the end of the day draws near,
I want to look around
and notice where I am,
to see the details that matter–and to let go of those that do not–

And then I want to look up
at the stars in the sky
and be amazed

The stores don’t let us forget

Christmas is coming
Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, too
Days pass by quickly

End of a season

Summer is over
birds peck at my tomatoes
withering on vines