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Hope springs forth again —
in form of opening buds,
green pokes through soil

True warmth

I offer you tea
A listening ear, eyes, hands
True warmth from the heart

not captured by my camera

The wind lifts the snow
like glittering fairy dust
swirling around me

Bright November

leaves become bright gold
camouflage for school buses
for one week only

Fleeting beauty

Yesterday’s rain and last night’s storm have stripped many trees and scattered many leaves. I took this photo on Monday afternoon, before the rains began.
click on photo to embiggen

oh Golden Autumn!
your beauty is forever
captured in my heart

The stores don’t let us forget

Christmas is coming
Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, too
Days pass by quickly

End of a season

Summer is over
birds peck at my tomatoes
withering on vines

Silent Saturday

Bearded and brown leaf
No need to wear that costume
Halloween’s over

Poetic Thanksgiving

There is a critter
(thankfully, it’s not a skunk)
hiding ‘neath the shed.

Can you guess what it is?

Vacation: the first day

Before summer ends
And a boy goes to college
Take a vacation

We were lucky to stay in this lovely house for free! It belongs to the estate of a friend’s mother who sadly passed away this year. And if you want to purchase a waterfront house in Southern Maryland near Jane’s Island State Park, I’m more than happy to share the Realtor link.  The master bedroom suite is the entire second floor… oh, the views!!

For the first time ever, we took both vehicles on vacation. It worked so well it may just happen again! Two people drove/rode in the Honda Element, where we stashed boogie boards for the beach and bikes to share on the pathways. We also managed to use it to haul the camping supplies for later in the week. The other 4 of us rode in the minivan with all the rest of the stuff a family needs for a week away.

SuperDad grilled burgers, which we ate on the deck — mine included grilled summer squash and provolone cheese melted on top:  heaven!  — while we enjoyed the incredible sunset view.