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Summer Nights

Our days are hot and muggy (quite possibly hell on earth) but the nights bring some relief* with the darkness.

*except for the mosquitoes. They LOVE me. I took Benedryl to sleep last night through the itching.

Summer nights also bring out Toads

And is there anything more lovely than fireflies twinkling like Christmas lights in the trees and shrubs?
If only I had a camera that could actually capture such beauty!

But wait! What is this?

hiding in the rhododendron bush

In SnakeMaster’s eyes, there is something lovely here…

Black Snake at night

click to enlarge and enjoy the eye contact ūüôā

Touching, isn’t it? ūüėČ

Warning: Snakes!

My 9yo was admiring my ‘me’ mosaic, so I offered to help him create his own. I was surprised to find that we used an identical¬† photo but for a different category.

Here it is:


WWC #73: 2 and “Expressive Face”


2 boys, 2 snakes

2 photos for “Expressive Face”



Want to join in the fun of the Weekly Words Challenge? Tink is your link! ūüėÄ

Pinewood Derby

Their first cars

Their first cars

Disclaimer: They were a lot more excited and animated during the races. At this point, most of them were thinking of eating a donut and going home.

While I’m waiting to see the pictures that Gordo posts from the weekend’s Kub Kar Rally, here are some of the boys from our Cub Scout Den, showing off their Pinewood Derby cars (one of them with a first prize win!) — note the cool purple and green tank, the skateboard design, the Lego-man driver, and of course SnakeMaster had to paint a snake on his car!


We can’t claim it was fast, but it was clearly created and loved by a 9yo boy. ūüėÄ

WWC#45: Permanently Temporary

The words this week are Temporary and Permanent. 
I am reminded of the lyrics to the RUSH song “Circumstances”

Plus ca change
Plus c’est la meme chose
The more that things change
The more they stay the same.

in a few years, this will be a distant memory

in a few years, this will be a distant memory



I look at my boys growing up so very fast, the oldest two becoming young men…and I know that it won’t be long before they are all grown and gone.¬†

Children are both temporary (they grow up and move out) and permanent (they never cease to be your children).







Writing in snow (or sand) must be considered temporary literature. 


H-J with sparklers

H-J with sparklers





Sparklers on the 4th of July give a temporary pleasure.

SM with sparklers

SM with sparklers








symbol of permanent commitment

symbol of permanent commitment


¬†Youthful beauty is fleeting, temporary, and mostly in the eye of the beholder.¬† I almost didn’t use this picture of my aging hand.¬† My wedding ring could use a cleaning.¬†

Yet this picture shows a double meaning of permanent:¬† I don’t ever want to remove my wedding ring, and I don’t think it could be taken off if I tried!


¬†Bonus Pics from SnakeMaster’s Par-Tay:

Poor big brother was the starting post!




We told all the boys they had to be touching MusicMan before they started their Reptile Egg Hunt.¬† Poor MM…
At least it was only temporary!


SnakeMaster with his Snake Cake

SnakeMaster with his Snake Cake


And then there is the newest resident in Kcinnova’s World.¬† You will have to decide which word fits him!¬†

photo from Google Images…because “Spots” hasn’t decided to pose for me yet!¬†
Yes, SnakeMaster got a reptile for his birthday.  BUT NO SNAKES!!!!


Want to know more about the Weekly Words Challenge?  Visit Tink at Pickled Beef.

Happy Birthday!

SnakeMaster on his 8th birthday last year

SnakeMaster on his 8th birthday last year

Today is SnakeMaster’s 9th birthday.¬† Unlike last year, he hasn’t had a black snake climb up the wall of our porch to wish him a happy birthday, but we ARE planning a wildlife Par-Tay for Friday evening.¬†
Here are some special things about SM:

  1. He is my “baby” – the youngest of 4 boys
  2. He is a little bit shy
  3. He is a great friend to others
  4. He LOVES animals
  5. Especially reptiles and snakes!!
  6. He likes to watch Animal Planet
  7. He says it is because he learns new information
  8. This is also why he chooses books about animals and nature
  9. His role models are Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin


Happy 9th Birthday, SnakeMaster! ūüôā

SuperDad and the Queen of Clean

Snake Master
Snake Master

Last night after supper, as the last of the pumpkin pie was being consumed, there began a conversation that gives a strange picture of life in my testosterone-ruled household.  
DS1 found out that ds4 has a new plaque (not the kind on your teeth, but the kind you hang on your wall).¬† SuperDad had made it for him as a surprise for¬†the reptile-loving kid:¬† “SNAKE MASTER”¬†¬†
It is suggested that we¬†all need¬†wooden plaques with our nicknames.¬†¬†¬† DS4 attempts to name his oldest brother…

SM, who is an innocent 8yo and knows his brother is sleepy:  Bed snake?
{DS1 pulls his hoodie up and covers his head AND face.}
Me:  I was born in the year of the snake.  Does that make me a snake in the grass?   

But they know I am not fond of snakes, so I am dubbed the “queen of clean” (bwahahahahaha…NOT!!)¬†¬† By the time I recover myself from the crumb-covered floor (compliments of the snake master), SuperDad has attempted to christen DS1 as “bunny master.”

16yo (warily):  What kind of bunnies?  Attack rabbits?  (ala Monty Python)
Me (in a testosterone daze):¬† Hef’s special friends at the Mansion?
SD:  Dust bunnies

8yo SM:¬† I remember a beach I didn’t like.
SD:  Me, too   (I give him a dirty look)  
SD:  Oh, you said BEACH!
Me:  Your dad has trouble with foreign languages.  (Actually, this is not true, but it does change the subject again.)
DS1 cracking up and blushing, challenges SD to translation:  Ich moechte ein paar Kekse, bitte.
SD:  Huh?
[I start singing “Stille Nacht” because the word “paar” is in it.]
SD:  He wants a cheese virgin?
Me:  Your dad wants Reddi-wip shoved up his nose.
SD:  Oui, Madamoiselle 
Me:  Cheese, Grommit! 

It isn’t always this bad.