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Friday mish-mash

It’s been a busy week:

1. SuperDad played the part of a famous international lover when he acted as Master of Ceremony at the church Valentine dinner last Saturday night. Truly, he performed wonderfully and people are still talking about it.  My introverted husband is having a difficult time fading back into obscurity (his dearest wish).

2. SnakeMaster had his first piano lesson on Tuesday and loved it. Yay!
We continued the music theme for the day with a band and orchestra concert that evening;  Humorous-Juniorous performed with the wind ensemble.  This was a “pre-festival” concert, playing the pieces they will perform for judges at the end of the month.

3. I’ve now been to 3 knitting group meetings and have graduated to the purl stitch.  Or rather, I’ve been taught to do this stitch and I seem to make fewer mistakes with it.  (When left alone with a knit stitch, I start by casting on 20 loops and end up with 40… I can’t really explain why, but it sure looks strange.)  However, my right shoulder, arm, and elbow has been hurting ever since Wednesday evening. I think I might have a knitting injury. How pitiful is that?

4. It was 60° F (16°C) last night at 10pm. Today we are supposed to reach 72°F  (22°C).  I’m pretty sure this will melt the remainder of our snow.  Time to get out in the garden and prune some of the plants. Do you think they know it’s still February?

5. I’ll be up early in the morning tomorrow. I’m headed up to NYC to see Mamma Mia! with 3 friends.  😀  I can’t begin to express the excitement of this trip, especially since it came together so quickly and easily…  “For one night, and one night only!”


I did it!

I managed to post something every single day this month.

However, that is not normally what I think of when I see November 30th on the calendar.

Today is Slim’s birthday — or rather, it would be if he were still alive and turning 102 years old. But he isn’t. He died 9-1/2 years ago.

Slim was an interesting character. He was my husband’s grandfather who threw himself a “kick the bucket” party and made a grand entrance riding a mule into the party hall (this was about 4 years before he actually did “kick the bucket). He was also a farmer for his entire adult life, growing and harvesting wheat and lentils (among other things) in the Idaho panhandle. Slim was 100% Swedish American who dunked his bread in milk and his cookies in coffee.

Hay rows on the Ridge

1989, Idaho farm
Turning hay rows in the field — like Grandfather, like Grandson

When we visited as newlyweds and I watched my husband working alongside his 82-year-old grandfather on the farm, I could see what kind of man I had married.  And then last night, I looked across the dinner table to see SuperDad dunking his bread into his milk.
The mule can’t be far behind.


We are probably the only people in the country to actually be kicked out of a travel sales presentation.

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to some kind of sales presentation last night. SuperDad read up on these sorts of things in advance and learned about the various sales techniques, plus he read up on complaints filed with the BBB about such ventures.   Thinking that we were going to be pressured to purchase a time share, our main defense was the fact that we actually enjoy tent camping (even when things go wrong). One of my dh’s dreams is to visit every single one of the 392 National Parks in the United States.

At 6pm, we arrived at the meeting place and signed in, but they weren’t ready to begin because no other prospective clients showed. (FAIL #1)
At 6:15pm, they decided to go ahead with just us. Our first sales person was a friendly young woman from Russia. She was pleasant, but the music in the background made it difficult to hear her. (Apparently the loud music is a sales technique designed to disorient us, but it merely served to annoy me and make me less likely to interact. FAIL #2)
At around 6:30pm, the friendly young woman introduces us to the sales pitch guy. He’s clearly used to (or at least prefers) a room full of prospective clients. He wants interaction while making his presentation but we are beginning to show ourselves as duds. He’s not selling a timeshare; he wants to get us to buy into a travel club. Perhaps there is a small glimmer of hope since we’ve been to NYC, but he quickly learns that we prefer camping and National Parks. What the heck is he going to do with us? (FAIL#3)
By 6:43pm, my dh has pointed out that their company concept of the deal going straight from the industry to the consumer is what we already do. SPG claimed they get a bigger discount because they buy in bulk, and we do not argue his point so he moves on.  Since we are the only other people in the room, the sales pitch guy notices* when I pull a few folded papers from my purse and hand them to SuperDad.  Suspicious, SPG asks what they are and my dh tells them they are for taking notes (true!), but SPG points out that they have already provided a tablet of paper and pen for note-taking. Clearly, the sales pitch guy is on the defensive. At this, SuperDad –who had already alluded to doing some research into sales presentations like this– confesses to SPG that he has a list of known sales techniques and is going to check them off as presented. SuperDad tried to say this in such a way that SPG might find it quirky but perhaps funny. Instead, the sales presentation guy is greatly annoyed and he calls my husband “a smart aleck.” (FAIL#4)

Now, I don’t deny that he was being a bit of a smart aleck. Heaven knows, I live with the man! But we had been actively listening to his presentation up to this point, following his logic and asking appropriate questions. I’m pretty sure that it is bad form for a sales person to call the prospective client a derogatory name.

SuperDad turned to me somewhat incredulously and said, “Did he just call me a smart aleck?”
SPG heard this and said, “If you don’t want to be here, you can leave.”
SD to SPG: “Did you just ask me to leave?”

And that is how we ended up getting kicked out of a travel sales presentation.

*Had there been a few more people in the room, this might have never come up because it wouldn’t have been noticed, but we were the only ones there. From what I could tell, there was only one person at the presentation immediately prior to ours. Yesterday was not a successful day for the company.

All was not lost, though. While we didn’t end up with any airline tickets, free weekends at a resort, or $600 rebate vouchers, we found a busy street to take a pleasant walk and people-watch.  For about $10 –the cost of gas and 2 coffees from Starbucks– I had a 5-hour date with my smart-aleck husband. _____________________________________

Today is Small Business Saturday. It’s a great way to support your local small business owners and keep dollars in your local economy. I’m heading into town (population 6,000) to do a little shopping in the stores there after stopping at the farmer’s market.

Gentle strength and bird brains

I am thankful today for my husband. Actually, I’m thankful for him every day, but today I will share this short video to give you a view of his gentle strength as he frees a bird tangled in the garden netting.

Please pardon my hoarse voice. I’ve been hacking and coughing for the past 5 days. I imagine the sap-sucker/woodpecker was a bit hoarse after this ordeal, too!

My sincere thanks to Hilary at The Smitten Image for giving me this honor.

Snapshot of my morning

Names have been changed to protect the — ….who am I kidding?!

—–Original Message—–
From: kcinnova
To: SuperDad
Subject: EB was required to wear a dress shirt, tie, and slacks today


After suffering through 2 arguments about dress clothes, EB ate
breakfast, put in the last derogatory word, and got out the door in time
to catch the bus. He even wore black shoes and socks! (I was NOT arguing
over the footwear — I told him that if his black shoes didn’t fit, go
ahead and wear his running shoes.)

His tie remains untied, but hopefully someone will help him out or at
least he will tie a knot in it haphazardly. I couldn’t do much about the
lint he’d already managed to get all over his [BRAND NEW] black pants.

(“Dress clothes are impractical,” said EB.)
(“Vacuum your room more often,” retorted the mother.)

He looked very nice, and I told him so! But sorry, no picture: that
would have created another argument. I’d like to know whose idea it was
to have the athletes dress up whenever they have a home meet.
His preferred choice of khaki pants and a short-sleeved button-down
plaid shirt would have pleased us both and saved us from the arguments.
(Bonus: the lint wouldn’t have shown so badly)


Note to self: buy the kid a L/S shirt and tie combo that works well with
khaki pants.

From: SuperDad
To: kcinnova
Re: EB was required to wear a dress shirt, tie, and slacks today

I love and support both of you kind, gentle, people.

Clearly, SuperDad has a firm grasp on irony. EB and I butt heads more often than bighorn rams. For an accurate picture, hit replay multiple times.

Random Dozen … Happy Fall!

Hosted by:
Lidna at 2nd Cup of Coffee

1. Have you, or has someone close to you, ever won an award for anything? (I just came from my dad’s ceremony wherein he was given a medal of honor by the French government for service in France in WWII. Pictures to follow.)
We pulled EB out of public school at the end of 2nd grade for 2 years of homeschooling (long story, best decision for everyone). Our public school at that time was very understanding and worked with us to allow EB to participate in things that mattered greatly to him, one of which was the annual science fair. EB created a science project about velocity and mass, using a homemade catapult and different balls.  He not only took the top honors at the school, he went on to represent the school (the only way he could legally participate) at the district level, where he again won top honors! At the end of the school year, the principal made sure that EB was there for the awards ceremony so that he could be honored with a plaque in front of his peers. This mama was very proud and EB was thrilled.

2. Who is the nearest relative to you who has served in the US Military?
My husband has 20+ years of service in the US Army (with some National Guard and Army Reserve time before that). My uncle was also in the Army, my younger brother is a Marine (not currently serving, but “once a Marine, always a Marine”), and my grandfather served in the Navy (active duty during WWII, reserves after that).

3. Share something that stirs the patriotic spirit in you.
On a regular basis, saying The Pledge of Allegiance at our small town football games stirs my spirit. I am especially stirred at our high school’s annual Veterans Day ceremony/program. There is a club that works all year long on a wonderful program, plus the members work during the year on supporting local veterans.

4. Where are you in the birth order in your family? Do you think your “placement” made a difference in your personality?
I am #3 out of 4 children. If that is supposed to make me laid-back, I guess that it made a difference!

5. Name one trait you hope you carry that was evidenced in your parents or grandparents.
My paternal grandmother was creative, loving, and funny. I often hope that I am a reflection of her (I hardly knew her; we lived far away).

6. If female, do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants? If male, shirt and tie or polo?
I find skirts to be comfortable if they are simple and flowing and not too long — and if I can wear Birkenstocks with them. Otherwise, I will take pants/capris/shorts every time. The added benefit of the latter option is that I can usually wear athletic shoes that support my poor feet, but I suspect this is a question about dressing up a bit.

7. Approximately how many times do you wake during the night? What do you do to go back to sleep?
If I go to bed early enough, I will usually wake once, take care of business, and fall back into bed already half asleep. (It’s quite possible I was never fully awake.) If I am truly awake and my stomach isn’t growling like a bear in springtime, then I’ve discovered that I’m probably supposed to be praying… so I do.

8. Share a favorite movie quote.
Only one? That’s like cats and potato chips…I don’t think I can do that! So here are 3:

“It’s just a flesh wound!”
“Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

“Life isn’t fair” (as said by Scar in The Lion King)

9. What is your favorite Fall candle scent?
It’s a tie between “Apricot Brandy” from PartyLite and “Autumn Wreath” from Yankee Candle

10. What is one Fall activity you’re looking forward to?
Well…. Since I am currently in the midst of marching band season (football games! band competitions!) and cross country season (5k meets), I will state that I am looking forward to HOPEFULLY going hiking and camping. We managed to squeeze this in the first part of November last year.

11. Tell us about a pleasant surprise that happened to you recently.
I thought I had all of my weekends thoroughly booked until mid-November, so I was pleasantly surprised when EB had a meet-free Saturday and I was not needed to chaperone a band competition. (I still went to the competition, but I went as a spectator with my dh.)

12. What was it like when you first met your in-laws-to-be?
I was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans –which pretty much matched my guy… we had “style”  in common 😉 –and after walking into the house and being introduced, we all sat down in the living room. Then my future dh said, “So I suppose you might have already heard, we’re engaged.” There was stunned silence. We thought the news of our engagement might have proceeded us, but it apparently had not… LOL  After a few awkward moments, my future FIL said, “Congratulations!” My poor MIL, she was still trying to size me up! That was 23-1/2 years ago and I dearly love my in-laws; I’m pretty sure they like me. 😉
I hope I get to meet my sons’ future wives before that one gets sprung on me!

forty six

2009 June 018

This man, the love of my life, is just as handsome today as he was 23 years ago.  ♥

Happy Birthday to SuperDad! 😀

Garden goodness

I am thankful for the harvest from our garden — and SuperDad cooking it on the grill!

garden goodness

What are you thankful for today?

Just floating along

SuperDad has the day off, and what a beautiful day it is! This morning he parked his donkey (that’s what he calls his Honda Element) near a river access and then we drove upriver about 3 miles to put in the raft.
Yes, that is a cat food tub; no, they are not taking cat food! It’s where they are storing provisions to keep them dry.

rafting on the Potomac

SuperDad and SnakeMaster will enjoy a few hours floating down the river today.

heading downriver from Harper's Ferry

Hopefully they will be home before supper!

Potomac River at Brunswick, MD

This is where they will end their trip.


I enjoyed a lovely drive along the river and took this video to share:

Sorry about the road noise — I had the windows open on this beautiful summer day!

SuperDad and SnakeMaster go hiking

They left at 4:30am and returned 13 hours later.

spirit guide

All photos provided by the hikers themselves.

Kcinnova does not go bushwack hiking in 90 F temperatures.