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Bright November

leaves become bright gold
camouflage for school buses
for one week only

Musical Monday: golden

I’ve probably said this more than once before, but I cannot get over how incredible the colors are this Fall. With the first bit of cold weather, yellow tinged the green leaves. The rest of the color seems to come in waves: orange, rust, red, scarlet, and gold.  A week ago, I was nearly a danger behind the wheel of my minivan, so arresting were the reds and scarlets.

The color I’ve been following these past few days has been a bit safer, since it perfectly matches the yellow lines down the center of the road, the caution lights of the school zone, and even the school bus that stops to pick the kids up for school.

Marc Cohn has a beautiful song called “She’s Becoming Gold” on The Rainy Season CD. I searched for a link on YouTube but since it never had the popularity of “Walking in Memphis” (from his first, self-titled CD) I’m unable to provide you with an easy way to hear it now.  You can listen to a very short bit of the song here, and the complete lyrics are below:

She runs down the staircase
And into the yard
And she goes down to the end of the drive
With her friends on the phone
And her angels on guard
She’s just recently feeling alive
After all of the tears and the changes
Now there’s something that’s taken ahold
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold

She thinks of a boy
That she knew back in school
And she wonders if he’s doing all right
The man of her dreams
Isn’t all that he seems
And the baby don’t sleep through the night
Something is moving inside her
And the weather is turning so cold
But she’s becoming gold,
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold (I’ve seen her)
She’s becoming gold

She can hear in the distance
The sound of the cars
And she sees the snow falling down on the hill
Now the trees and the houses
Are white as the stars
And she doesn’t wanna cry
But she probably will
As she thinks about all of life’s mystery
And how slowly the answers unfold
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold


Is there a song that you connect with this time of year?

Friday mish-mash

1. On Monday afternoon, SnakeMaster and I stopped by the park after school. He happily played on the zip-line while I snapped this photo.

2. And this one, too. I had to trick my camera into not allowing too much light in the photograph. At 4pm on a cloudy day, it is already fading daylight — which makes for brilliant folliage.  The colors have been so incredible, it almost hurts my eyes to look at them.

3. On the way out of the park, I noticed something at the entrance that we’d missed when driving in...

4. What is wrong with this picture? Well, for starters, I took this on November 15th.  IMO, that is just wrong.  Can’t we please get through Thanksgiving first? (Of course, if you are Canadian, all bets are off since you had your Thanksgiving celebration last month.)

5. I’m stubbornly in denial about the demise of Autumn.

Fleeting beauty

Yesterday’s rain and last night’s storm have stripped many trees and scattered many leaves. I took this photo on Monday afternoon, before the rains began.
click on photo to embiggen

oh Golden Autumn!
your beauty is forever
captured in my heart

Five Fall Views

A few weeks ago, everything was orange and brilliant. While we’ve been having spectacular weather all week, the colors have faded a bit and become more subtle.
Come have a seat on my front porch and enjoy the view:

We might be able to convince SnakeMaster to vacate the porch swing so you can enjoy a slightly different view:

Or perhaps you prefer the view out back?


Of course there is always the view from the tree. The boy tells me that he can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from up there.
I can’t see them from where I’m standing, but I am soaking up this scene in our side yard:

Happy Friday!

Silent Saturday

Bearded and brown leaf
No need to wear that costume
Halloween’s over

Preparing for Halloween

SnakeMaster begins his Halloween preparations nearly a year in advance. This year he has 3 options for dressing up, but a few weeks ago, this was the favorite:

See the homemade "knife" and sheath? This kid is creative!


Five Fall Photos

1. Between the boys and girls cross-country races on Wednesday, I stepped over to the fence and took this shot.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Fall? I do.

2. Something had been eating the late summer pea crop. Note that the first sets of leaves have been chomped right off.

We have discovered the culprit who lives under the shed. He has since used his fat body to climb tear down the fence and help himself to the rest of the garden.
I saw his cousin Sunday afternoon in the church parking lot.

Yes, it’s a big fat groundhog.
Click on the pic to get a closer look.

3. I had an absolutely lovely Sunday afternoon. I went out to lunch with 2 girlfriends at a Vietnamese restaurant, and then afterward, two of us continued on to a local winery. What with the wine tasting, the talking, and the glass of wine we each sipped at the table while we listened to a young, local bluegrass group, I forgot to take any pictures! You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was wonderful.

4. Sometimes coming home after a near-perfect afternoon is a let-down, but Sunday evening had a surprise in store — an Autumn evening at the firepit.

5. Farmers Markets in small towns make me smile. Funky produce that looks like a masked bandit makes me smile even more.

Happy Friday!

Personal Best

After all this hullabaloo over marching band, I can’t possibly leave out my cross-country runner…

Congratulations to EB and his team! EB ran a personal best today (he PR’ed, as they say in the biz) and both our boys and girls teams are headed to Regionals. 😀

Friday 5: Why I love Fall

The weather yesterday had me feeling deliriously happy.   Fall is my favorite season, and I just can’t get enough of it this week, so I thought I’d share 5 reasons why I think Autumn is terrific:

1. The air is cooler, so the sunshine actually feels good instead of making me hot and sweaty.

2. The smell of wood smoke and fall leaves is nearly intoxicating.

3. The cool breezes mean that I can wear sweatshirts (also see #1).
I love a cozy hoodie.

4. My kids’ fall activities (cross country meets and marching band competitions) are fun to watch and I love cheering them on.  I have a cowbell and I know how to use it!

5. Taking a walk before bedtime with my husband is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him. It’s like a mini-date. On nights like last night, I wished we were camping — the breeze was refreshingly cool and the stars were startling clear. We’ve been able to see the Milky Way several times in the past few weeks.

photo found on Google Images and is credited to Tony on the following forum: