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Very IDK

Yesterday was Tuesday — the day I normally post a Weekly Words Challenge — but the day, much like the week, slipped through my keyboarding fingers.

VERY busy fits my week.
I Don’t Know what pictures to post for either of those! My creative streak went on vacation without me. However, if you have any ideas, please let me know that you have posted some yourself.

I hope to have my Random Dozen up tomorrow.


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WWC twice over!

I missed the last Weekly Words Challenge, so I’m making up for lost time tonight with two week’s worth of words.

Last week’s words were PHONE and KEYS:

And this week’s words, in a nod to Mardi Gras, have been BEADS and COSTUME:

Mardi Gras Beads

BEADS of water on the windshield

Marching Band parading in COSTUME

Halloween Costumes

WWC: Animal Mineral

Are all y’all sick of snow pictures yet?


Well, then!

The cat saw this...

...and she wanted to be closer, like this...

...but the reality was THIS!

I’m pretty sure that just fulfilled the Weekly Words Challenge assignment of ANIMAL and MINERAL.


Good News!

At 10pm last night, a trio of snowplows came down our street… or rather, drove and slipped UP our road, then backed up and did it again, then drove DOWN the road. And then they repeated it all over again.  That will hopefully allow me to get out and join the masses in a rush to restock the fridge and pantry before the next storm.

Because another 10 to 20  inches of  snow is expected tonight.

I’m getting my fill of Winter!! 😛

WWC: Weather & Mail

I’m running behind for this week (and last week, and probably next week) but I just checked my facebook inbox  for the first time in about 2 weeks and discovered the Weekly Words Challenge assignment for Jan  – Feb 2nd.

When I got up [at noon-ish] on Saturday, it had already been snowing for a couple of hours. By 2:30pm when I took this picture

we had 4 inches out of the eventual 5.5 inches of snowfall. It was a lovely dry, powdery snow.

Tuesday night’s snowfall was heavy and wet, but the 5 inches that fell was perfect for making snowmen.

If you are a 6’2″ teenager, it might also be a perfect opportunity to kick the snowman’s head off…

Don’t feel too bad for the snowman. It was originally 5 balls tall and had been created by rolling up snow from the driveway on Wednesday morning. These photos were taken on Thursday afternoon.

We are expecting a big “snow event” this weekend, somewhere between 12 and 24 inches of the terrific white stuff.

I love snow.

my mailbox

**The words for February 2 – 9 are ANIMAL and MINERAL.**

WWC: food and drink

This week’s words were FOOD and DRINK:

You could probably eat this gingerbread house. Colorful rock climbing wall, anyone?

But I would probably steer clear of the lean-to style of outhouse. Just sayin’.  I mean, who eats an outhouse for FOOD?!?

Mmmmmm…. chocolate bar roof! 😛

Well, maybe you might after one of these!

The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme, hosted by Janet at Fond of Snape.  You can also find the group page on flickr and on facebook.  Come play with us! :D

Next week’s words are FRIENDS and FAMILY.

WWC and a weather report

It’s finally going to warm up here, at least in the daytime (unless you are my 17yo runner, and then you think that has already happened):

Tuesday, Jan 12

High: 35 °F RealFeel®: 21 °F
Breezy and cold with partial sunshine

Tuesday Night, Jan 12

Low: 19 °F RealFeel®: 16 °F
Patchy clouds and cold

Wednesday, Jan 13

High: 40 °F RealFeel®: 36 °F
Clouds yielding to some sun

Wednesday Night, Jan 13

Low: 21 °F RealFeel®: 24 °F
A starry night
This week’s words were CHIP and NEW:
I love my NEW dishes (made by Gary) — I have a set of plates and bowls.  Sadly, this plate has a CHIP in it (compliments of a child who thought that it was okay to drop plates 2″ into the dishwasher).
The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme, hosted by Janet at Fond of Snape.  You can also find the group page on flickr and on facebook.  Come play with us! 😀

Happy News!!

The Weekly Words Challenge photo meme is NOT dead after all!

Janet — the brilliant force behind Fond of Snape — is the new Head Spork. 😀

She has already posted next week’s assignment over at the WWC flickr site.

The WWC also has a facebook page for those who don’t mind having their worlds collide.

The words for the week of January 5-12 are “chip” and “new” … as they say, HAPPY SNAPPING! 😀

WWC: Red and 5

Last Sunday, after SuperDad and 2 of the boys were up on the A.T. flushing wild turkeys, I took a walk a bit closer to home.  This barn called my name:

And then, for reasons unknown to me at the time (besides the fact that I like to take pictures), I snapped this photograph:

This was more than a week ago, so I didn’t yet know that RED and 5 would be our challenge. Serendipitous, much?

Sadly, Tink has now bowed out of  hosting the Weekly Words Challenge site on facebook (this follows her bowing out of blogging earlier this year). I’m not sure who –if anyone– will keep the meme going.  You can check back here, or there, or the WWC group on Flickr.

The Weekly Words Challenge was what really got me blogging — and taking pictures again (that is, of something other than my own kids).  Thank you, Tink & OddMix (another retired blogger — the WWC was his baby first), for the fun and inspiration.  You are missed!  And I’m going to miss the WWC.

WWC: 7 and Photojournalism

Every picture tells a story, but which side of the story do you see?

The car was buried by the snowstorm… or was it?

Winds caused drifting snow so the back side of the car was blown clean.


Seven (7) candles on a birthday cake

7 cousins

[Edited to clarify: These 2 photos are from different years in my archives]

WWC: Bear & Out of Place

Back in the beginning of November, SuperDad took us hiking and camping in Shenandoah National Park, where we got to watch a pair of black BEAR eating nuts up in the trees:

Yep, definitely a BEAR!

This past Saturday, the roof of our house was required to BEAR quite a bit of snow.  The wind caused an interesting drift pattern:

Rather than have this OUT OF PLACE snowdrift wake us up in the middle of the night with a mighty kalumph! SuperDad rigged up a long pole and had MusicMan knock the excess weight off the edge of the roof.

So tell me, is there anything OUT OF PLACE in this picture?

If this year is anything like last year, the WWC will be on winter holiday until January 5th.

More pictures from better photographers can be found on the Weekly Words Challenge facebook and flickr pages.pages, hosted by the now non-blogging TinkJay usually manages the blogworld side of the WWC on Tuesdays, but he might be busy with Christmas & family stuff right now; however, he does have a nice link to a list of regular players.