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The sqealing and SqueeeEEEE-ing you just heard is mine. Sorry about your ear drums. But I just opened this box…



december-2008-054december-2008-053 Even the cat was curious.

And these are some seriously CUTE!!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. How CUTE!!!


Seriously CUTE wee pots by Gary Rith
3 coffee cups to match my cup of coffee (off on the left) also by Gary Rith

piggy ornament

piggy ornament

And then there is that doggie wine bottle corker leaning against the cups, and this lovely piggy ornament (which means I really MUST put up my tree SOON). Seriously CUTE!

AND…. Can you keep a secret? Shhhh…. because Christmas is coming and I asked Gary if he could make a special gift for the SnakeMaster (my youngest son) for his morning cocoa… and of course Gary said yes he could! If you read Gary’s Blog you probably have already seen these:

Snake mugs for SnakeMaster!

Snake mugs for SnakeMaster! THANK YOU, GARY!!

Pictures do NOT do justice when it comes to Gary‘s creations.

Which is why your ears probably still hurt from all the squealing and SqueeeEEEE-ing over here in Kcinnova’s World. 😀

Happy Friday! (Grits! Now with photo proof!)



I’m hoping that wordpress will get its act together this morning and eventually turn that blank box above into a photo showing my beautiful bowl of grits! It might just make you hungry!! I’ve loaded and reloaded it several a whole bunch of times, but it’s just not working. Grrrrrrrrr….. the photo is safely in my computer, but wordpress won’t let me post any new ones, despite having plenty of allowed space to do so! Grrrrrrrr…. BUT!! I won’t let it spoil my day (even if it did spoil your view of my delicious breakfast).

Farmer*sWife inspired me to make a hot breakfast for my kiddos this morning –grits and eggs, although SnakeMaster preferred to make himself some toast instead of trying something new (that’s his little plate with scraps in the background). The other three *tried* the grits, but no one begged for seconds. They’ve had ’em before, it’s just that despite 5+ years in Texas (and SM being born there) no one has good ol’ southern tastebuds. Of course, when you don’t come down for breakfast until 7 minutes before your school bus is at the end of the drive? Maybe you don’t have time for second helpings.
Anyhoooo…. what, I ask you, could be better than a yummy hot breakfast in a bowl made by my bloggie friend and potter Gary Rith!
Gary Rith on the Ithaca Art Trail (Doesn’t he do INCREDIBLE work??)

Today is a busy one, with shopping at Costco and Target (pronounced Tar-jshay because we’re high class here), the usual laundry, etc., etc.. I think it will be chicken for dinner tonight (except for MusicMan, who is eating pizza with the band before the football game). My mom is scheduled to come into town, but I’m not sure when –I only know she is arriving before supper! If it ever stops raining, she’ll get to see & hear the band tonight at the game…if it doesn’t let up, the woodwind section will keep those instruments in their cases, which is what happened last year!

Now I’m off to scrub the hall bathroom (the one that all 4 boys use on a regular basis) and do a good cleaning of H-J’s room, because Grandma is coming later today!
H-J is going to bunk up with his little brother so Grandma can have his bed.

Lookie! A Friday Surprise

Look what was on my doorstep this afternoon:
It\'s from Gary at Potter\'s Blog!
It’s from Gary at Potter’s Blog!  
He makes beautiful and interesting and quirky pottery. 
If you haven’t met him and seen his creations, go check him out! 

Wanna see what was inside the box? 
Awesome bunny bowl
Why, look, it’s my awesome new bunny bowl! 🙂
Isn’t that just gorgeous glazing?
Close-up of the inside of bunny bowl

I also ordered this:
Isn\'t it cute?
My new piggy corker!  (Gary calls it a wine bottle stopper.) 
It makes me smile, because you don’t NEED a piggy corker if you’ve been a piggy with the wine.  Using it will be like a reward for only having one glassful.  😉

But, look!  There was also a SURPRISE GIFT in the box:
A surprise was included
Oh, WOW!!  A beautiful new coffee cup!  Thank you, Gary!!

Now I have to hurry up and prepare for our evening guests.  We are having some friends over for an evening of munchies and games.  Apples to Apples, anyone?  🙂