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Very IDK

Yesterday was Tuesday — the day I normally post a Weekly Words Challenge — but the day, much like the week, slipped through my keyboarding fingers.

VERY busy fits my week.
I Don’t Know what pictures to post for either of those! My creative streak went on vacation without me. However, if you have any ideas, please let me know that you have posted some yourself.

I hope to have my Random Dozen up tomorrow.


see more Lolcats and funny pictures at icanhascheezburger.com

WWC: food and drink

This week’s words were FOOD and DRINK:

You could probably eat this gingerbread house. Colorful rock climbing wall, anyone?

But I would probably steer clear of the lean-to style of outhouse. Just sayin’.  I mean, who eats an outhouse for FOOD?!?

Mmmmmm…. chocolate bar roof! 😛

Well, maybe you might after one of these!

The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme, hosted by Janet at Fond of Snape.  You can also find the group page on flickr and on facebook.  Come play with us! :D

Next week’s words are FRIENDS and FAMILY.

WWC and a weather report

It’s finally going to warm up here, at least in the daytime (unless you are my 17yo runner, and then you think that has already happened):

Tuesday, Jan 12

High: 35 °F RealFeel®: 21 °F
Breezy and cold with partial sunshine

Tuesday Night, Jan 12

Low: 19 °F RealFeel®: 16 °F
Patchy clouds and cold

Wednesday, Jan 13

High: 40 °F RealFeel®: 36 °F
Clouds yielding to some sun

Wednesday Night, Jan 13

Low: 21 °F RealFeel®: 24 °F
A starry night
This week’s words were CHIP and NEW:
I love my NEW dishes (made by Gary) — I have a set of plates and bowls.  Sadly, this plate has a CHIP in it (compliments of a child who thought that it was okay to drop plates 2″ into the dishwasher).
The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme, hosted by Janet at Fond of Snape.  You can also find the group page on flickr and on facebook.  Come play with us! 😀

WWC: Red and 5

Last Sunday, after SuperDad and 2 of the boys were up on the A.T. flushing wild turkeys, I took a walk a bit closer to home.  This barn called my name:

And then, for reasons unknown to me at the time (besides the fact that I like to take pictures), I snapped this photograph:

This was more than a week ago, so I didn’t yet know that RED and 5 would be our challenge. Serendipitous, much?

Sadly, Tink has now bowed out of  hosting the Weekly Words Challenge site on facebook (this follows her bowing out of blogging earlier this year). I’m not sure who –if anyone– will keep the meme going.  You can check back here, or there, or the WWC group on Flickr.

The Weekly Words Challenge was what really got me blogging — and taking pictures again (that is, of something other than my own kids).  Thank you, Tink & OddMix (another retired blogger — the WWC was his baby first), for the fun and inspiration.  You are missed!  And I’m going to miss the WWC.

WWC: 7 and Photojournalism

Every picture tells a story, but which side of the story do you see?

The car was buried by the snowstorm… or was it?

Winds caused drifting snow so the back side of the car was blown clean.


Seven (7) candles on a birthday cake

7 cousins

[Edited to clarify: These 2 photos are from different years in my archives]

WWC #81: Door and Home


In the absence of the vacationing Tink, Jay hosted the Weekly Words Challenge last week and gave us our words for this week: DOOR and HOME (or things that remind us of home).

A beautiful door makes for an enticing ENTRANCE

Yes, I’ve used this picture before (it’s from May 2008) but I absolutely love this door. A couple of longtime friends & I get together each Spring for a girls’ weekend, and this was the front door from the house we rented last year.


Changing seasons bring different decorations…
This is my front door in Autumn.

treehouse front door

treehouse DOOR

[not ours]


Front DOOR and temporary HOME for one year (SuperDad took this photo, as I did not accompany him there).


They share a name 🙂

Family makes me think of HOME. This photo of EB with his great-uncle was taken at my in-laws’ home — one of my favorite vacation spots!

What makes you think of home?


A list of regular WWC participants can be found here.

And even though I’m not good about posting my pics on flickr {something to do with not paying for a pro account}, we do have a WWC flickr group.

Weekly Words Challenge #79 & #80


Last week was spring break so I’ve got 2 week’s worth of WWC enetries for you. The words due last week were SPRING and OPENING; this week’s words are “P” and FAVORITE MOVIE (pictures that remind me of said movie).


The kids never found this Purple Easter Egg hidden behind the bunny’s head.


Pink creeping Phlox is a sure sign of SPRING 🙂


The hedgehog with a Pink flower is helping her buddy Protect this red Easter Egg.


These buds will soon be OPENING


These daffodils let me know that SPRING is finally here!


Here we see a Purple Easter Egg hidden on the branch of a tree full of leaves that are in the Process of OPENING up to the SPRING sunshine. I possibly just set a record for the number of prepositional phrases in one sentence. Sorry about that!


A Perfectly beautiful SPRING day bursting with blossoms, OPENING leaves, and Easter Joy 😀

And finally… while I’d love to offer you a Photograph of Gerard Butler or the marquee of a Broadway Showing, all I have is this:

Here are 2 of the Piano books currently out on top of the keyboard, including “Phantom of the Opera. ” Even my kids love that movie — they brought it along on our trip to Pennsylvania and watched it in the car. I’ve seen it so many times that I have the scenes memorized. I’m Perfectly happy driving and listening to the soundtrack.


Click the link for more information on the Weekly Words Challenge, which can be found Pretty much each and every Tuesday over at Tink’s. However, she is off on vacation so Jay is hosting this week.
Thanks, Jay! 😀

WWC #79: Spring [break] Opening

Y’all will have to wait for next week to see my photos for the Weekly Words Challenge. I’m a little busy right now with sightseeing…

image found at http://www.usatourist.com/english/places/newyork/index.html

Visit Tink at Pickled Beef for details about the Weekly Words Challenge.
I’ll be back next week! 😀

WWC #78: “N” / Orange

Today’s word is LAME. I had these incredible ideas… but that is where it ended. Just ideas. No action. Like I said, LAME.

Anyhoo. I can’t bear to NOT post for the WWC, so here are my archival entries for this week:


“N” is for Nighttime photo of a lakefront fountain


ORANGE October leaves

You wanna know what I planned on shooting? Naval Oranges. But hey, that would involve going to the store. With a camera. Like I said, I’m feeling shamefully LAME, because? Really! That shouldn’t be so very hard to accomplish.
But hey! I have my 2nd sleep study scheduled for Friday night and maybe they will give me a tool to allow me a decent night’s sleep and pump me full of ENERGY!! Wouldn’t that be exciting? I think so.


So, go visit Tink at Pickled Beef — our fearless leader of the Weekly Words Challenge. You’ll find plenty of beautiful pictures on her blog, plus links to even more photos in her WWC comment section.

WWC #77: Black and Natural World, and a little bit of drink (Thematic Photographic #41)

Once again, I am blending 2 different photography assignments. Call it lame or call it talent — what matters to me is that I completed both assignments!


The Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us each week by the naturally beautiful Tink of Pickled Beef.


Beauty in the Natural World (2 hours south of me…our buds haven’t opened yet)


Black coffee being poured into cream = a little taste of heaven at 5am
It’s intriguing to me that black coffee looks like liquid amber while being poured into a cup.


I’m still drinking this regularly. (note the black flecks in the countertop)

a peek into my fridge

a peek into my fridge

Today’s drink options*: ReaLemon juice [a few drops are pleasing in a glass of water or a whiskey sour], orange juice concentrate (because apparently? I am the only one capable of mixing it into a pitcher!), Crystal Light lemonade, milk, and my own personal bottles of “lemonade-flavored water.”
I mix up a package of Crystal Light lemonade and pour a few ounces into an empty water bottle, then fill the rest with tap water.

*Selective vision options: If you are one of my children, you would open this door and see only a jug of milk and a pitcher of lemonade.

Drink is this past week’s theme with Thematic Photographic, hosted by Carmi at Written, Inc.