Daily Archives: June 9, 2010


I spent last night at my annual sleep study, where things are tested and adjusted all night long.  I’ll probably need a nap today, but I really can’t blame the study; I needed 2 naps yesterday! (I think it had something to do with being up at 4:50am.)  I raced home this morning to be here before SnakeMaster had to leave for school. Luckily, he is my morning child and was already up and dressed (in black shorts and a navy blue T-shirt) AND had made his own healthy lunch. I love that kid.

MIL and FIL went into The City with SuperDad this morning. That leaves me to drag the oldest 3 boys out of bed. They are so NOT morning people.

Off to be the banker this morning (4th grade math) and then home to clean while the house is empty.
Tonight is an orchestra concert (I’m serving popcorn — it’s “Pops and Popcorn” night) and tomorrow night is a band concert (I’m serving popcorn — it’s “A Night at the Movies”).

What is keeping you hopping this week?