Anything new in the skies?

Head on over to watch an old Carol Burnett skit at Suburban Correspondent. It *might* make you feel better about airline fees… or not!


6 responses to “Anything new in the skies?

  1. Apparently there is NOTHING new under the skies!

  2. I used to love the Carol Burnett Show back in the day. It was hilarious.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. I am now wasting all my time watching old Carol Burnett skits. They seem to have aged well.

  4. That was wonderfully funny! Thanks.

  5. LOL I loved that. Carol Burnett is one of my all time favorites 🙂

  6. Oh Carol Burnett was one of my FAVORITE shows! And yes – Tim Conway was a RIOT! Looks to me like they foretold the future pretty accurately too!